A Rounding Retreat at The Shala, Bali

imagery curtesy of Narissa moeller and  the Shala, bali .

imagery curtesy of Narissa moeller and the Shala, bali.

Vedic Meditation changed my over life five years ago when I was first initiated and I’ve been a dedicated meditator ever since doing nearly all of the advanced courses and practices. however there’s been one thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, a Rounding Retreat. 

Under the guidance of a trusted teacher, I decided to do a day of rounding from a place known for hosting yoga and meditation retreats in Bali, The Shala, in Ubud.

Owned by Lillie who I met on Instagram, she was very accommodating and housed us in our own private villa backing onto traditional Balinese rice paddies. 

The Shala felt very authentic, almost like a slice of both Bali and India combined. It even has two cafes, one organic and one Indian (Mumbai Station) at the front serving everything from dosa and chai. An Ayurvedic spa is a short stroll away offering all authentic ayurvedic and traditional treatments, there are yoga and meditation rooms and a luxurious swimming pool to relax by. 

A day of rounding involves quite a bit of yoga asana, pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) and meditation. There was also another yoga retreat happening at the same time enhancing the collective experience. 

My teacher had me up early to begin the program at about 6am, going right through to 5pm. A lot came up throughout the day from waves of bliss and laughter, to love overflowing from my heart. It also had dark moments of confusion, negative thoughts and anger. All of this is merely years/ decades of accumulated stress leaving the body I’m told.

Food needed to be simple and sattvic during the day, therefore no stimulants. fresh fruit was on the menu for for breakfast, kitchari for lunch, and… I didn’t quite make it dinner. I treated myself to sweets instead to honour my achievement. 

The kitchari at The Shala was up there with best I had ever had. So much so I doubled the serve. Lunch should be the biggest meal at the end of the day as this is when our digestive fire is at its strongest. 

It has definitely taken me a while to settle back into my new found state of awareness. Rounding honestly felt like I had been shaken up in the mixer with the amount of emotions I went through. Very similar to diksha, another experience for peeling back the layers of stress that block us from being who we really are. 

I was informed of the importance of body treatment while undergoing this sought of intense purification, particularly Marma therapy. So I booked into the Darshana veda Spa attached to the Shala which was another powerful, yet relaxing experience. 

Thank you to the beautiful balinese staff at the Shala Bali, your warmth and smiles made this experience so much more loveable.

Thank you to my teacher for guiding me through this experience in Bali. I find most vedic meditation teachers I’ve met are highly dedicated to their practice and true embodiments of Vedic knowledge. If anyone is interested in learning this special technique, drop me an email and I can direct you to a teacher near you, anywhere in the world.