narissa moeller

Narissa moeller is an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, therapist and international journalist from Adelaide, South Australia. her focus is primarily on health prevention through diet and lifestyle, herbal medicine, treatments, detoxification programs and meditation. 


my story

ever since i can remember, I’ve always been drawn to healthy food, finding the latest way of cleansing my body and i love beauty. I grew up reading every health and beauty magazine I could get my hands on. 

After a couple of years working in magazines (and heavily stressed out), I discovered Vedic Meditation and Ayurveda. That’s when I began the journey back to myself and found the answer to every health and beauty concern I was dealing with at the time including an eating disorder, mental illness, skin conditions and hormonal imbalances (PCOS). 

I couldn't understand why nobody knew about this this amazing body of knowledge so I very quickly returned to study, launched my own blog that has since developed into a business and practice as well.

there are no more fad diets, no more killing myself at the gym, no more toxic beauty treatments. ayurveda is a holistic and natural way of living that is healthy on the inside as well as the outside, guiding you all the time back to your true and authentic self, perfect health and highest potential. 

I truly believe through Ayurveda, meditation and ongoing self-development you will find the ANSWERs TO EVERYTHING IN LIFE. 

come join me on the journey xx


qualifications & ongoing development

health coach training program, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, us, 2019

International Society for Bipolar Disorders conference: global advances in bipolar disorder and depression, Australia, 2019

Introduction to Sanskrit, dr. raju's institute of ayurveda, india, 2019

fundamentals of Ayurveda, dr. raju's institute of ayurveda, india, 2018

the landmark (self-development) forum, Australia, 2018

Nadi Vigyan: the power of self pulse, dr. raju's institute of ayurveda, india, 2017

Ayurvedic facial/skincare training, pure herbal ayruveda, Australia, 2017

exploring the vedas, Australia, 2016-17

Ayurvedic therapist training, Dr. Raju's Institute of Ayurveda, India, 2016

International Conference of Ayurveda, India, 2015

Certificate IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation, Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies (A.I.A.S), new Zealand, 2015-16

Bachelor of Journalism, University of South Australia, 2009-11