Time for a cleanse?

My Mini-Panchakarma is a 3, 5 or 7 day detox for those who want to reset their digestion, feel lighter, clearer and happier. cleansing involves following an Ayurvedic daily lifestyle/routine, eating a simple nutritious diet and the option to undertake treatment and herbs.

what to expect 

  • Improved digestion and elimination of wastes

  • increased energy levels and happiness

  • Removal of toxins / ama

  • a clearer and better you

Cleanse includes: 

  • 15-minute introductory consultation with narissa (over the phone or in person) to discuss your current health status and what you want to achieve. It is up to you how strict and inward you wish to be during the cleanse to ensure you achieve maximum benefits. 

  • Cleanse E-book including ‘Dinacharya’ guide, treatment plan, herbal advice and recipes.

  • 15-minute follow-up consultation.

*For those who live in Adelaide, south australia/ or where narissa travels to practice from have the option to include a daily 75-minute daily abhyanga massage in their cleanse to enhance the detoxification process.

For prices and further information, please get in touch here.