A morning at AmrtaSiddhi, Bali

images curtesy of  amrtasihhi  and  narissa moeller.

images curtesy of amrtasihhi and narissa moeller.

Located 10 minutes away from Ubud Centre in Nyuh Kuning, right near the monkey forest is a Panchakarma centre that I only discovered through word of mouth. Just how I like it.  

Founded in 2006 as the first Ayurvedic Medical Centre in Bali, AmrtaSiddhi is a destination for “authentic Ayurvedic Medicine, inspiring and life-changing Programs and new paradigm solutions in the field of Alternative Health.”

Amrta Siddhi and their team of doctors, therapists, instructors, drivers and management kindly opened their centre to me one sunny Balinese morning.

Immediately upon arrival it felt very traditional. Nothing too fancy or exotic, just straight up Ayurveda with a clinical feel. 

I was experiencing a couple of typical Balinese health symptoms at the time including an ear infection and my period came that very morning so I was almost ready to cancel. However, the therapists were very accommodating and changed my treatments to meet my needs. Thank you. 

Traditionally, you should stop all treatment when a woman starts menstruating, however I ended up still having an Abhyanga as I didn’t have time to re-schedule. My therapist, Ketut, was a Balinese, English speaking therapist and Ayurveda student who has been working at AmrtaSiddhi for 10 years. 

It’s been a while since I found a therapist who was really not in any rush. Every single stroke had strong attention to detail and her calmness and sattva was transferred energetically from her to me. She focussed a lot on my stomach area because I was menstruating, her feminine manner knew how to honour the cycle. 

She also applied cooling castor oil pads around my ear to bring down the inflammation. A health tip that was new to me.  

It’s important to shower one hour after treatment to remove excess oil. The water used at Amrtasiddhi is heated naturally by the sun which was a nice sustainable experience. 

Other Panchakarma treatments available include Shirodhara, Takradhara, Swedana, Pizhychil, Udvarthanam, Patrapindasweda, Navarakizhi, Enema, Basti, Lymphatic drainage, Marma therapy and facials. 

they can house up to 25 guests per day, offering many types of programs including ghee cleanse, juice cleanses and Panchakarma. You can experience a mild Detox Routine in their 3, 5 or 7 Day Programs or you can immerse Yourself in longer Detox, Rejuvenation and PanchaKarma Program for up to 28 days. 

There are two Ayurvedic Doctors on site, one male and one female. Both physicians are fully qualified Medical Doctors with a B.A.M.S degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from India.

So next time you’re in Ubud, an area of Bali known for yoga and meditation, pop in a treat yourself to an Ayurvedic treatment. You won’t be disappointed. It even won a Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor this year!