diet & lifestyle consultation

During a consultation, Narissa will assess your body-type and state of mind and identify the causative factors such as diet, lifestyle and environmental factors that are responsible for any imbalances. She will then prepare a simple diet and lifestyle plan including foods, herbs and daily regimes that will help bring more balance to your overall well-being. 

Initial - 60 mins: AU$90

follow-up - 30 mins: au$50



A traditional full-body oil massage designed to strengthen the skin, eliminate toxins, increase stamina and delay the ageing process. It stimulates blood flow and lymphatic circulation, calms the nervous system and improves digestion. Medicated oils are used dependant on your body-type and needs.

60 mins: au$90

75 mins: au$110

5 x 60 minute sessions - au$400

5 x 75 minute sessions - au$500

(extra $10 for steaming)


abhyanga and Patra Poultice

Boluses are densely packed with concentrated Ayurvedic herbs and fresh native Australian medicinal leaves then dipped into warm medicated oil and massaged over the body. ideal for relieving body aches and joint pain, muscle soreness, stress and toxins from the body. 

90 mins: Au$150


external basti (kati, greeva, chakra, janu)

Warm medicated oil is poured into an herbal dough ring built around a pain or injury site relaxing the stiff muscles and opening obstructed nerve channels. This is an effective treatment for lower and upper back pain, stiff neck, sciatica and knee conditions. Includes 10 minute massage. 

60 mins: au$90

series of 3: au$255

series of 5: au$400

series of 7: au$525



Warm medicated oil/ buttermilk is poured rhythmically across the forehead in a gentle, continuous manner. It alleviates insomnia, headaches, stress, anxiety, and skin conditions. Great for busy minds that need peace and relaxation. Includes a hand and foot massage. 

price varies


Ayurvedic facial

this traditional ayurvedic facial includes a skin analysis, cleanse, scrub, face, neck and shoulder massage (along special energy points) and face pack. It uses completely natural herbal formulations specific to your skin-type to restore balance, stimulate lymphatic drainage, relax stress lines, and give you a healthy, youthful glow.

60 mins: au$80


panchakarma (detox and rejuvenation program)

 Panchakarma is a combination of taking herbs, treatments and adjusting diet and lifestyle to cleanse and renew the body over a consecutive number of days. this must only be undertaken after a consultation with a recommended Ayurvedic doctor. 

price varies