Naked in the Netherlands: A Day at Thermen Soesterberg

All imagery curtesy of  Thermen Soesterberg

All imagery curtesy of Thermen Soesterberg

This wasn’t on my itinerary but I found the place so fascinating that I had to write about it.  

About an hour out of Amsterdam in the areas surrounding Utrecht lies a vast amount of forest. Within that forest is a wellness hotel and spa called Thermen Soesterberg that my friend, who is just as much into health and wellness as I am, took me to. 

Basically, it’s a ginormous centre filled with somewhere around 50 saunas, sweat rooms, spas and swimming pools in every single temperature imaginable.  

The funniest part is that everyone goes naked. You are given a robe and some flip flops to walk around in, but as soon as you enter a sauna or pool, the robe comes off. There’s even naked yoga and meditation classes! 

What I loved most is that they also offer Ayurveda in both their beauty and treatment rooms as well as on the restaurant menu. And yes, everyone only wears their robe to lunch as well. 

It was such an enjoyable and confidence building day. The perfect date spot too if you really want to get to know each other, naturally.

Check it out!

Thermen Soesterberg is part of the Quality Wellness Resorts franchise, with four other locations across Europe. visit their website to find out more – unfortunately it’s all in dutch.