8 Tips to Healthy Travel

Faro, Portugal.

Faro, Portugal.

After four weeks visiting several wellness resorts across Europe, let’s just say travel has definitely left a mark.  

travelling can be stressful and tiring on the body, and there a days where you just want to pack it in and go to the luxury of home. But it’s not all that bad, travelling is also so expansive, inspiring, and an opportunity to experience beautiful places and meet all kinds of people. 

From an Ayurvedic perspective, travel is movement and change. Changing city or country every 2-3 days is going to increase the Vata massively because Vata is movement and irregularity. Not to mention, the food and water is completely different in every country as well.

Below I share my top travel tips and essential packing materials to ensure you keep yourself in balance, the ayurvedic way.

try to avoid eating plane food

do you find the body has a hard time digesting anything all those thousands of kilometres up in the air? I do. Instead try and stick to fruits and liquids such as juices, teas and hot water and eat properly when you’re back on the ground.

Keep your foods warm and cooked

if you are going to eat, stick to Warm, cooked foods to aid digestion and balance Vata. On the other hand, cold, dry foods such as salads, crackers and icy drinks with increase Vata even further. 

Avoid coffee and alcohol 

Both coffee and alcohol are drying and will increase Vata even more. Avoid if you can. 


Keep your head region clean and well lubricated by apply nasika oil frequently before, during and after your flight. 


If you’re not doing self-abhyanga daily already, be sure to start the week leading up to your flight. It’s also the best thing to do once you get off the plane to counteract dryness and to ground yourself again. Read how to practice self-abhyanga here.

Detoxing Herbal Support

Constipation can be common for many on holiday because of the increase of Vata in the body. Be sure to take Triphala herb or Shodana Vati (Raju Formulation) daily to assist detoxification and healthy bowel movements. 


This is the absolute best jet lag cure. Vedic Meditation in particularly is proven to be the equivalent to relaxing anywhere between 2-5 times deeper than you do during sleep at night. In saying this,  it definitely helps with fatigue from jet lag. Usually practiced 20 minutes twice a day, I say meditate as much as you like when you’re in the air. 


And lastly, go find some green grass and nature as soon as you can. Put your bare feet on the ground and just connect with mother earth once again, it always knows best.