Travel Diary: Ayurveda Centre Germany at Kunzmann's Hotel

All imagery curtesy of Ebba-Karina Sander and Narissa moeller.

All imagery curtesy of Ebba-Karina Sander and Narissa moeller.

Nestled away in the green countryside of Southern Germany is a small spa town called Bad Kissingen with a population of about 22,000. “Bad” translates to “Bath” and the town is renowned for its healing waters and fountains.  

This region of Germany actually has a rich tradition of healing and health care in general. It’s the place where physician, Samuel Hahnemann founded Homeopathy, where Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the X-Ray and where the emperor of Austria, Elisabeth (sisi) von Österreich-Ungarn, who is very famous there, travelled several times to because of her health problems. It’s safe to say that having an Ayurveda Centre here really fits in.  

Germany is beautiful without question. And Bad Kissingen is no different. June is a wonderful time to visit as the weather has just warmed up while the land is still lush and green from the winter. 

I was fortunate to stay in the lovely Fontana Hotel in the heart of the town with a backdrop that is the epitome of German living. The Fontana is soon to be home of a new Ayurveda centre in 2020.

The current Ayurveda Centre is just a short 8-km drive away at the Kunzmann’s Hotel in Bad Bocklet, owned by business woman, Ebba-Karina Sander. One of the first things she said to me was that her business is about the healing, and not trendy “wellness.” Right away, I knew this was worth making the trip for.

She founded the business in 2014 (they recently celebrated their 5th birthday with the Indian Consul General as there special guest) after successfully treating a battle with breast cancer in 2006 through Ayurveda. 

She formed a strong bond with her doctors, Vaidya family Madukkakuzhy from Kerala in India. This soon became a business partnership with the current centre remaining in Kerela and the second opening in Germany. The business now has 17 fixed-employees, is the only centre outside of India with male and female therapists from Kerela, and hosts 4,000 room nights per year. 

Ebba-Karina picked me up on a sunny Sunday afternoon to begin my Ayurveda experience at the current centre at the Kunzmann’s Hotel.

Right away, despite being in a hotel setting, it felt authentic. Almost like being back in India.

The technicians are warm and friendly, three male and three female. There’s something special about the Indian touch when you have an Ayurvedic massage, us westerners just aren’t the same. 


The management is in the current hands of Dr. Sajan Joseph Vadakkan Simon (MD in Ayurveda), in good collegial cooperation with Dr. Winfried Breitenbach, who leads the additional title naturopathy. They have a high success rate in treating diseases such as IBS, arthritis, Parkinson’s and heart disease. During our brief chat, Dr. Joesph shared his top three Ayurvedic tips with me. 

1.     Punctuality to food. Never skipping breakfast. In fact, breakfast should be the biggest meal, followed by lunch and then a light dinner.

2.     Oil on the body 2-3 times per week. He recommends olive, coconut or sunflower for Pitta body-types and sesame for Vata and Kapha body types. You can read how to do self-abhaynga here.

3.     Taking 5 minutes a day to concentrate on yourself by doing Pranayam, otherwise known as alternate nostril breathing. 

It is his hope that more Ayurveda is combined with modern medicine in Western hospitals and encourages everyone to “return to the earth.” He also shared his favourite energy drink which you can view here.


The centre offers all authentic Ayurvedic treatments as prescribed by the doctor. Packages are also available including Panchakarma, Pregnancy and Regression and Seniors Indulgence. Standard 13-day Panchakarma package including consultations, treatments, food, herbs and yoga instruction starts from € 2.140  (plus overnight stay). 

Food and herbal support

Downstairs at the hotel buffet, you have two choices: Ayurvedic and non-Ayurvedic. It’s always tough when you have golden croissants sparkling right in front of you. However, if you want a strong Agni (digestive fire), the Ayurveda breakfast is the way to go. Freshly prepared, warm cooked foods. Yum!

The Ayurveda centre also stocks all the authentic herbal preparations from Kerala, India for you to have during your detox. 

Other Activities

Daily yoga with instructor, Ruth is always a lovely and grounding activity to do when you’re detoxing. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful parklands and a well that is known as the “the boys well.” It produces the highest amount of iron and magnesium in all of Germany. The names originates from a story of a Queen that couldn’t get pregnant until she drank the water from the well. She gave birth to a son soon after. 

“This place is destined for healing, prevention, cure, and rehabilitation.” 

- Ebba-Karina Sander, Founder

Between the centre in India, Bad Bocklet, and the new Fontana Hotel Project in 2020, Ebba-Karina is a very busy woman doing wonderful things for Ayurvedic Medicine. On top of that, she has a book in the works and continuously fights for Ayurveda to be recognised for the the high potential that it is especially by medical Insurances.

I fully support you.

Ayurveda centre Germany in Kunzmann’s Hotel, Bad Bocklet, Germany, Bavaria

Ebba-Karina Sander
Mobile: +49 170 1144094