Meditation, Consciousness and Enlightenment with Jim Rocca

Jim Rocca

Jim Rocca

I met Jim Rocca on one of my many visits to india during Panchakarma. I was there for healing, while Jim was there for the “consciousness.” Never had I met someone so obsessed with consciousness.

Jim and I became friends, sharing our love for meditation together.

He is just about to launch his new book, “Awake, Enlightenment Unveiled,” so in honour of the release, I sat down to gain a little insight into the mind of a highly evolved man.

How did your path to enlightenment begin? 

Not as a quest for enlightenment. I was talking to a friend when I was in my mid-twenties, and he mentioned the words Transcendental Meditation. Those two words cut into my consciousness like a knife. I immediate laser focused on Dean asking him, “What’s that? Where can I find out about it? Who taught you?” I felt my own intensity build. Dean’s facial expression showed his surprise in my level of inquiry. I had to have this. 

I heard that many times before we come to earth while still in our soul form there are key people or phases that have a life direction changing ability and when we encounter them action is triggers. Feeling into this phenomenon I believe the words Transcendental Meditation held that significance. 

I called the local TM center getting the date and location of the next Intro Lecture. A few day later I attended that lecture. Afterwards I remember think if only half of what this guy said about TM is true this mental technique is worth thousands of dollars. So, I was all in for the $35 price tag. J

Was there a significant moment/turning point in your life that sparked this path?

About a month after starting TM the center offered a weekend retreat at a forest facility, I attended. Nothing super special happened at the retreat other than us meditating a lot more. However, when I came back home and went to sleep that night it was like I was fully awake inside but also sleeping. It was a cool experience. I was gaining knowledge all night long from unseen masters. I just ate it up. In the day I was so very chill, cool with everything. I felt like I had 360 degree perception, knew what was going on all around me without looking. I was hyper alert but also super calm. This whole little thing went on for 3 days and nights but then gradually faded. That was indeed a turning point for me. I realized this meditation was way more powerful than I initially thought. I soon bought a copy of Maharishi’s commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and slowly read this every night many times until 2-3am absorbing the experience behind the words. I remember thinking I had never in my life read such wisdom this was precious to me. 

What has been the highlight of this path/journey so far?

There have been many. Talking and having a cosmic experience with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi individually and directly. Having Maharishi tell me I am ‘the lamp at the door of Nyaya’ publically. My first full blown awakening that changed me forever. The second awakening that exposed me to Brahman Consciousness. My weekly or monthly illumination. Each has a story of divine transformation.

Who has been your biggest teacher?

Initially Maharishi and the Bhagavad Gita, most recently, my own experiences.

Why did you decide to become a meditation teacher?

I just followed what was being laid open to me with no plan or thought. About a year after I started TM I enrolled in Maharishi International University, now called Maharishi University of Management. At the end of the first year we were told that we had completed the first segment of a 3 part program to become a TM teacher so about 60 of us opted for the rest of the program. I simply went with what nature was presenting. The whole adventure was easy and simple, very little thinking if any. 

Do you only practice TM, or are you open to other forms of consciousness growth?

Since my awakenings I’ve experimented with many different consciousness techniques, initially to debunk them but found, that almost every single technique I tried did deliver me to the transcendence. This was surprising to me at the time but the direct experience bore this out again and again. Meditation for me now is simply sitting still, eyes closed or open and just experiencing, What Is. 

Initially there is a difference in the move from my outside focus but then it’s clear that that silence is always there I’m simply paying attention to it now. Also, the silent experience can have layers or dimensions, can be physical, or expansive, can have celestial components, or I can get lost in pure nothingness, Samadhi. I could choose from endless destinations but most time I let the game play out on its own, it’s all beautiful. I call it the playground of the enlightened. “Curving back on my own nature I create again and again”. BG ch 9 v 8

In your opinion, what are the main benefits of an expanded consciousness?

When you realize your consciousness is already expanded to the level of infinity everything else is small, manageable and barely matters in comparison.

Can you let us in to what a typical day looks like for you? 

It’s much the same as anyone else’s from the outside. I like playing the role of the ordinary man. So much so that on most days I barely know I have been truly blessed. 

I noticed in the beginning of my new awakened life that I felt so natural, genuine, so at ease with myself. There was/is a quiet confidence that I’m cared for. There’s a subtle sense of invincibility, a mastery mixed with liberation. Such a sense of freedom to be “me”, whatever that is. Very comfortable with myself. 

I remember once in a work capacity within a landowner’s home discussing the benefits to them about signing a wind lease with me for their land (my job). These two guys were rude and combative. I simply sat there fielding there comments in a professional but conversational down to earth manner. Even reflecting on myself somewhat impressed on how good my persona was doing, as if I was in a play on stage delivering my lines. 

It’s in these challenging situations, one notices the consciousness component, at home in any circumstance. After all was done they commented on my courage to calmly handle their rough nature, there was a subtle sense of recognition that they also knew they were in a play, not consciously like me but on some level of their being. 

They agreed to sign the lease and we all shook hands and departed as friends. It would have been easy to over react but in some way I could care less about the outcome. I was somehow completely engaged and unengaged simultaneously. I stayed there working the situation for god-know-why. I honestly cannot intellectually justify my behavior just following what nature laid out, with no rhyme or reason. 

Are you health-conscious as well? 

Yes but many times I experiment. I occasionally eat chocolate or meat or go full vegetarian to see what happened to my consciousness experiences. I find that I feel subtle changes in mind and body moods or levels of dullness but consciousness is never touched. I’ve even taken Nyquil a couple of times to sleep and find that awareness still shines through as I experience the dullness of the drug. The body and mind are effected but not awareness. It’s all rather entertaining. But I do for perhaps 98% of the time eat healthy, in respect for the institution of health, it’s just the right thing to do.

Why did you decide to write a book?

 Once I became awake I had many questions about what is going on or what happened to me exactly. I was aware that there are enlightened states of consciousness but my experiences did not clearly allow me to identify what state I was in. I didn’t know at the time that that is a moving target. 

Evidently, all awakenings are not the same and packaged into neat categories. Also, symptoms of several states of consciousness can be lived simultaneously and each one of them can be experienced at varying levels of dominance and this can change from moment to moment. The whole thing is way more fluid than anyone speaks of. As I uncovered this valuable knowledge I thought someone should share this with the newly awakened, thus the book.

Tell me a bit about your book and who it is best suited for?

The book, Part I, is designed to be a collection of the enlightenment experiences without much order because that simulates the experience. This is my way of delivering the experience. It’s not about the path to this state but rather the view from this state. The hope is that others experiencing awakening will see that what they are going through is normal even though their world is now nearly unrecognizable.

Part II is designed for those who are flirting with full awakening, who feel the subtle pull of permanent enlightenment but haven’t quite closed the deal. These techniques also have value in culturing the nervous system to get consciousness-fit for deeper experience. I jokingly call it enlightenment boot camp.

There are high consciousness people out there that can transmit an enlightened state to the student but if the nervous system isn’t in-shape, the experience won’t stick. The value of consciousness fitness is vital to the holding of consciousness.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to get away from talking about consciousness into the implementation of consciousness. 

Maharishi has a quote, “Knowledge is for action. Action is for achievement. Achievement is for fulfillment”. I look at the book as the knowledge component and now we are ready for the action part. 

I envision groups of high consciousness people coming together either with me or on their own in perhaps a webinar format not talking but silently directing their collective consciousness on areas of concern within the world and through consciousness alone be able to produce positive outcome.

What is your favourite quote or words to live by?

Be what is.

Anything else you’d like to add. 

Each person sincerely interested in the pursuit of higher consciousness should know that they have the power within themselves to accomplish this goal. Pure Consciousness is all around and through every fiber of your being simply pay It attention and you’re on your way to your own Completeness. JGD

Jim’s Book, Awake, Enlightenment Unveiled, is available online now via