I was first introduced to Congee or kanji on Panchakarma in preparation for an enema! That’s because the body needed something super simple and easily digestible. It’s also an excellent choice for infants, convalescents, people under stress, those with a weakened digestive or immune system and is a great food to have when fasting. it’s extremely beneficial for someone with an inflamed digestive tract or extreme diarrhoea as it helps eliminate toxins specifically from the bowel.

all congee entails is cooking rice for an extended period over low heat and enables the body to assimilate and absorb the medicinal properties of rice.

Here’s how to make it your very own.

Serves: 1


• 2 tbsp rice

• 2 cups water


1. Simmer rice in water over the lowest possible heat or in a Crock-Pot for 4–6 hours.

2. Add optional ingredients including beans, vegetables, spices and seasoning.


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