My Favourite Chai Recipe (Ayurvedic Spiced Tea)

Credit: pinterest

Credit: pinterest

Chai is a daily ritual for me in replace of a morning coffee. I'm telling you once you make the switch, you won't go back.

I've seen chai made so many different ways throughout Australia and India and it really is personal preference, however as long as you are getting the real deal and none of those processed powders.

Below I want to share a recipe from one of my teachers at the A.I.A.S. It's still one of my favourite ways to make chai especially in winter :)


Black Tea - 2 tsp

Ginger - ½ inch piece

Green Cardamom – 4 pods

Black Cardamom - 2 pods

Cinnamon – 1 stick 

Cloves – 3 

Fennel – 1 tsp 

Ajwain – ½  tsp 

Water – 1 ½ cups 

Raw Sugar – 4 tsp 

Milk (Non-homogenised) – 2 cups

1. Add water & ginger to small pan & place on heat.

2. Place spices in mortar & pestle and grind briefly

3. Add  spice mix to water & bring to boil

4. Add sugar & bring back to boil.

5. Add tea leaves or tea bags.

6. Immediately add milk & bring back to boil.

7. Simmer for a few minutes & serve hot.
Spices can be adjusted according to season. For example, less cinnamon AND pepper in summer and more in winter.

Let your body sing!! xx