What is Kumkumadi?

Ku-Ku-what? That’s the response I usually get when I tell my clients what’s in the oil I use.

To keep it simple, kumkumadi is special herbal curing agent used in massage oil to draw out impurities and improve whole-body health.

Kumkumadi takes very good care of the skin and therefore traditionally used for face massage.

It improves skin texture, complexion and relieves skin problems such as acne, pimples, scars and stretch marks. The skin being the largest organ in our bodies, using it all over the body supports every other organ and bodily system.

It’s quite a process to medicate the oils and a lot of attention goes into the process. Generally, 5 grams of powder is mixed with 1 litre of sesame or coconut oil, shaken and left in the sun for 3-7 days.

Using proper herbalised oil is very important for maximising Abhyanga (massage) results. While plain oils are still beneficial, it doesn’t draw out the toxins in the body as significantly.

“Nothing pacifies vata dosha (physical change/instability) and keeps it balanced better than daily abhyanga. Even if vata does not feel like a big problem for you, it is a key player in ALL health problems, because vata is responsible for movement and change in the physiology and leads the way when imbalances and aging occur.”

- Drraju.com

My kumkumadi comes from The Raju Family clinic in India who trained me in Abhyanga massage.

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