A relationship breakthrough

Couple getting married on the beach, Faro, Portugal

Couple getting married on the beach, Faro, Portugal

I would never consider myself a relationship expert, but I’ve had a break through recently that I feel liable to share.

It’s finally become so clear to me, as a woman, to absolutely own your worth. I have been cheated on and betrayed by men so many times and for years I thought it was my fault. “I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, he likes that girl more than me…” thoughts that are completely not true, but somewhere patterned in my mind that I seemed to believe to crush my own confidence in the process. 

It’s been a repeated pattern all throughout my 20’s and my confidence has only dropped lower and lower to the point of questioning if I will ever have a healthy relationship? 

Men and women cheat for whatever reason, and what I’m starting to realise that it’s actually okay! Let them. It has no meaning whatsoever. It’s the story that we, in our own minds create about not being good enough.  

The truth is, you are good enough. You are completely whole and complete and there is nothing you need to fix. You are worthy of love, worthy of a beautiful life and worthy of all the good things that happen to you. 

It’s there karma if they want to be dishonest and unfaithful, so do yourself a favour and don’t buy into that karma. Be strong enough to walk away, and keep walking if they try to come back. 

It’s amazing when you change your perspective from being the victim, to being open to maybe the reason those relationships didn't work out is because perhaps the universe, nature, god, or whoever you like to call it, has something better on its way.